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Praying Every Day

Praying each day is an importand spiritual practice.  It brings stability and depth to your relationship with God.  Prayer is not just about asking God for things, it is about recognising and being present to God within us. 


Over the centuries, many different prayer disciplines have been developed by the church to assist practising prayer.  This page will connect you with a number of different resources to help you pray.

Church of England: Daily Prayer

The Church of England's Daily Prayer is an "office" type prayer that takes about 20 minutes.  It combines poems,  psalms and readings from scripture within a framework that will become familiar with use.  It is based upon the daily office said by my monks, nuns and clergy the world over.  Below are links to a text version and an audio version that updates each day.

Northumbrian Community: Celtic Daily Prayer

Celtic Daily Prayer from the Northumbrian Community is a deeply poetic and scripture-based cycle of prayer that is rooted in the distinctly Celtic monastic tradition of the Northumbrian church.  It is very accessible and easy to follow.

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