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Prayer during COVID-19

Tomorrow marks the first Sunday since the closure of our churches to COVID-19. I will be posting a video and a written sermon on our Sunday reading of the raising of Lazurus. You can find the Bible reading here.

To help us in our all-important prayer life during this time I have created a daily prayer resource that is easily printed on a home printer. It is based on the wonderful resources published by the Church of England.

  • Has a 10-15 minute duration

  • Can be used by individuals, families or groups.

  • Plain language instructions

  • Psalms and readings for each day over a four-week rotation.

  • Intercessions and prayers from the Church of England Convid-19 resource page

  • Additional prayers for specific situations

  • Prayers for use with children

I commend to you this prayer resource for you to download, print and use either by yourself or with your family.


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