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Important Changes: Church Services

The recent case surge in Victoria has shown us that the COVID-19 situation is still a fluid and precarious one. The Victorian government has scrapped planned further easing of church attendance, and the number of people we can have in our homes has been scaled back from 20 to 5. This is a clear signal that vigilance and caution is warranted.

As a Worshiping Safe Community, your safety is our first priority and we all need to be responsible for and to each other. So we have decided to return to a more cautious approach for the time being.

So what are the changes?

In-church Sunday Services will will be replaced with resumed online services. In-church Sunday services will resume only when we have a clear signal from the health authorities that the current surge is under control.

Online Sunday Services will be resumed using Zoom as we have in the past. This will be the only Sunday service. This is open to everyone. Details of this service can be found at

The 10:30 am service on Thursday mornings at St John's Ballan will continue as a prayer service for those members who cannot participate in the online service. This is open to members from all churches. The maximum number of worshipers at this service is 20. To find out the precautions that we are taking for in-church services, visit the Worshiping Safe page.

If you have any questions or are unsure about these changes, please call Rev Glen on 0429 146 566.


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