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Learning to be church again

Social distancing and the closure of our church buildings have rapidly changed the way we think about being a faith community. It would is easy for us to focus on our anxiety and the necessary practicalities of being isolated. However, attending to our spiritual life has never been more critical. Our faith can carry us deeper into God's peace when we need it most.

It is important to stress, however, that our faith in the God of life won't protect our neighbours and us from COVID-19 if we don't follow the directions of our civil authorities. As Christians, we have a responsibility to be good citizens. So please follow all instructions from the Victorian and Australian governments.

So how will we be church over the coming months?

  • Prayer: First and foremost, we must pray for each other, and the world as prayer is the expression of our connectedness, our universality in Christ. If you haven't prayed regularly before resources will be provided here over the next few days to help you. Know that I will always be praying for you.

  • Community: Keep in contact with each other. As our world contracts, it is crucial to reach out and contact others in our parish and the community to maintain the community. In the coming weeks, a contact program will be distributed to members of the parish to help with this.

  • Learn: Read and investigate new aspects of our faith. I will post articles that I think will help everyone continue to explore the depths of God and sustain our spiritual journey.

  • Pastoral care: I will be available at all times for tele-pastoral care. If you need further assistance, I will be able to provide you with some suggestions.

There are many challenges ahead. I pray God's peace and presence for you all.



This is the first of a series of articles about how we can still be church amidst the confusion and anxiety of COVID-19


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